Thursday, January 25, 2018

For Women of Oaxaca (México Earthquake Support)

This initiative is brought to you by Berklee College of Music, “Círculo de Mujeres en Boston”, “Comité Melendre”, Oaxaca Ministry of Tourism, and the Consulate General of Mexico in Boston.

Mexico experienced massive earthquakes on the 7, 19, and 23 of September. These earthquakes paused the booming commerce of the isthmus region of Mexico.

The focus of our financial support is women, since they were disproportionately effected by the earthquake. In situations of disaster, the vulnerability of women increases as they lose their home, which is their working space. When households do not have access to services such as water, electricity and food, the burden of domestic labor increases. This is why we are convinced that we must support the role of women in citizen leadership and community resilience.

These families need your help! Let’s reactivate local economies by helping these women recover their only way of income. “ADOPTA UN HORNO” is an initiative that seeks to reactivate the local economy by donating ceramic pots, produced by local potters, to families in need to cook the products they sell at local markets.

“ADOPTA UN HORNO” has an impact in the entire community by helping the craftsman, the corn producers, and the women who cook by providing the entire production chain with resources to sustain their families.

The financial support accepted through the PayPal account of the Melendre Committee (, as well as the following bank account, is qualified for national and foreign deposits.

Holder: Zapotec Autonomist Committee Che Gorio Melendre A.C.
Name of Bank: Banco Mercantil del Norte S. A. (BANORTE)
Postal address: Efraín R. Gómez 19, Col. Centro, Heroica City of Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca
México, C.P. 70000
Type of account: Checks.
Account Number: 0324 3793 85
CLABE: 0726 1700 3243 7938 51
Currency: Pesos

Arranged by Maria Vertiz and Cristobal Cruz-Garcia

Singers from Left to right: Sofia Oviedo, Maria Vertiz, Jimena Caballero.
Cello: Cristobal Cruz-Garcia
Piano: Alonso Corral

Recording and mixing engineer: Andres Cardona Gonzalez
Assistant engineer: Paulina Kaczynska

Video and edit: Kevin Greene

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