Saturday, February 03, 2018

Los Ángeles de la Guarda, Carnaval de Cádiz

"It does not kill me,
and since I am an angel, I don’t give a fuck about flags,
I can even understand that they fight for their independence...
because many times this country embarrasses me.
I am ashamed of those who sent
the police to beat down Catalonian people,
and I am ashamed of the patriotism
of which many Spaniards boasted
with the flags on their balconies, (Spanish flags)
I did not see them taking out the flag
against thieves, against the cutbacks of the government
or for pensions.
I did not see them hanging the flag
for social security
and for so many unemployed people
that cannot continue anymore.
And when we finish
with all the thieves,
when finally there is not
a single child that suffers from cold
and from hunger,
when there are no women
nor lists of names
that die battered
at the hands of a man,
when the future is clarified
and we are not an ass in education,
and when in this nation
we vote for our king,
and if the brother-in-law steals
let him pay with jail.
When the party of the sword and the crutch
is over (bullfighting),
when there is no one left
buried in the ditches,
then go wherever you want
take out your piece of cloth,
take out your piece of cloth
And boast your flag!"
Translated by Índigo Uriz

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