Saturday, January 07, 2017

I have waited for you, Johnny. Oh, what took you so long?

- How many men have you forgotten?
- As many women as you've remembered.
- Don't go away.
- I haven't moved.
- Tell me something nice....
- Sure. What do you want to hear?
- Lie to me. Tell me all these years you've waited. Tell me.
- All these years I've waited.
- Tell me you'd have died if I hadn't come back.
- I would have died if you hadn't come back.
- Tell me you still love me like I love you.
- I still love you like you love me.
- Thanks. Thanks a lot.
- Stop feeling so sorry for yourself. You think you had it rough? I didn't find this place. I had to build it. How do you think I was able to do that?
- I don't want to know.
- But I want you to know. For every board, plank, and beam in this place...
- I heard enough.
- No, you're going to listen.
- I told you, I don't want to know any more.
- You can't shut me up, Johnny. Not anymore. Once, I would have crawled at your feet to be near you. I searched for you in every man I met.
- Look Vienna. You just said you had a bad dream. We both had, but it's all over.
- Not for me.
- It's just like it was five years ago. Nothing's happened in between.
- Oh, I wish...
- Not a thing! You've got nothing to tell me cause it's not real. Only you and me, that's real. We're having a drink at the bar at the Aurora Hotel. The band is playing. We're celebrating because we're getting married, and after the wedding, we're getting out of this hotel and we're going away. So, laugh, Vienna, and be happy. It's your wedding day.
- I have waited for you, Johnny. Oh, what took you so long?

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